Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Equivalent Courses  

For over 15 years RTCT has successfully provided DAU Equivalent courses to Government Agencies.  Contact us for your COR and CON course requirements.

  • CON 090 Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Fundamentals
  • CON 170 Fundamentals of Cost and Price Analysis
  • CON 270 Intermediate Cost and Price Analysis
  • CON 217 Cost Analysis and Negotiation Techniques
  • COR I Contracting Officer Representative Level I
  • COR II Contracting Officer Representative Level II


Small Business Courses and Workshops

RTCT conducts training at your site or one of the many facilities available to our clients.



This 2-day workshop focuses on strategies for developing a competitive cost proposal that, when evaluated with your technical approach, will differentiate your business from all others. We will discuss how to recover all costs associated with performing the requirements of the government’s Statement of Work and how to determine what the government considers a reasonable profit or fee. You will learn that the government’s best-value selection permits trade-offs that allow the government to accept other than the lowest priced proposal, if the higher priced proposal merits the additional cost.

  • Government Contract Pricing Techniques
  • The Cost Estimating and Cost Accounting Relationship
  • Costs and Cost-Related Issues in Your Proposal
  • Using Market Research to Estimate Costs
  • Recognizing and Assessing Cost Risks
  • Distinguishing Direct from Indirect Costs
  • The Importance and Composition of Indirect Costs
  • Establishing a Reasonable Amount for Fee or Profit
  •  Pricing for Settlements, Adjustments, and Claims

This 1-day workshop provides the basic information needed to position your business to successfully compete for government contracts. It is designed for businesses unfamiliar with the registration requirements and the resources available to assist small business development and growth.

  • How Government and Commercial Contracting Differ
  • Resources Available to Small Businesses
  • Federal Socioeconomic Programs — Does Your Business Qualify?
  • Are You Registered? – NAICS? DUNS? CAGE? SAM? WOSB? HUB?
  • An Overview of the Federal Contracting Process and Terminology

This 2-day workshop is structured to begin where the “Introduction” workshop ended by delving into details of the functional activities conducted by government and contractor personnel during the phases of the contracting process. We will discuss the involvement of industry during the government’s planning phase and how it could affect small businesses. The roles and responsibilities of both, government and business throughout the pre-award, award, and post-award phases will be highlighted and effective tools and techniques for each phase will be debated.

  • “Have You Done Your Market Research?”
  • Pre-Solicitation and Pre-Bid Activities Should Not Be Ignored
  • Locating and Reading the Solicitation Documents
  • Types of Contracts
  • Bid/No Bid Decision-making
  • Preparing a Competitive Bid or Proposal
  • Assessing Risk and How You Will Manage It
  • The Government’s Source Selection Process
  • Performance Measurement

FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation)

Increase your competitive position for Federal contracts by learning the language of the regulation used by government officials responsible for purchasing over $500 billion worth of supplies, services, and construction. This 2 day workshop highlights the contracting methods and types of contracts used by the government, and discusses terms and conditions to ensure qualification and performance compliance. Case studies and practical exercises are used to demonstrate the consequences and remedies for actions of either party to a Federal government contract.

  • The Organization and Maintenance of the FAR
  • The Competition In Contracting Act and Set-asides
  • Responsiveness and Responsibility- What’s the Difference?
  • Responding to the Various Solicitation Procedures and Methods
  • How Will Your Bid or Proposal Be Evaluated?
  • Contract Management Issues
  • When Your Performance is Unsatisfactory
  • Protests, Disputes and Appeals
  • The FAR Clause Matrix

It makes smart business sense for all government contractors to be aware of the pertinent federal ethics laws, regulations, and standards that govern the acquisition process, and to recognize acceptable practices in the private sector that may be defined as unethical in the public contracting environment.

  • Considerations in Partnering
  • OCI and PCI – Organizational and Personal Conflicts of Interest
  • Ethics Statutes
  • Appearance of Fraud

This workshop demonstrates various strategies, tactics, and skills that can be effectively used in oral presentations, contract formation, and contract administration negotiations for price and non-priced issues. Practical exercises are used to enable participants to develop or improve their own style of negotiation that will lead to successful outcomes in their business as well as in their personal lives.

  • Characteristics of an Effective Negotiator
  • Understanding Your Current Style of Negotiation
  • Developing New Skills
  • Establishing a Negotiation Strategy